The Final Wicked Faire: Arriving Full Circle

I performed at the Final Wicked Faire this past weekend.  Wicked Faire has had a profound impact on my life & development (as both an individual, and as a performer).  It was an amazing & recharging experience that left me with a sense of hope & optimism.  I wrote a Blog Post about My History With Wicked Faire


Also – check out these really Wonderful Photos from the event!

Seeking: House Concerts

I’ve always wanted to play house concerts …

I love the intimacy and connection of playing to a group of people in a quiet environment, and getting to share stories & music I love!  I love environments where people can tune in to what I do, and through doing so, find their own inspiration and beauty.  I also love it when people draw or write to my music – I think it’s incredible when my act of creative expression transforms into others expressing their creative world.

Would you be interested in hosting one & having some beautiful cello music in your house one evening?  If so, please send me an email at 🙂

Upcoming Performances

It is with much excitement that I can now announce that I am available to perform again on a regular basis

Here’s a list of Confirmed Upcoming Performances:

August 11 – Private Wedding
August 17 – Private Wedding
September 19  – Brooklyn Contra w/ Big Chaos Band
September 20 – Meadowlands Museum, NJ – Wandering Cellist
September 21 – Court of Lazarus – NY – Wandering Cellist
September 27-28 – Steampunk Unlimited @ Strasburg Railroad w/ The Clockwork Dolls
October 10-11 – International Steampunk City w/ Two Bastards
December 6 – Birdsboro Contra w/ Big Chaos Band
April 10 (2015) – Albany Contra w/ Big Chaos Band
April 11 (2015) – CDNY w/ Big Chaos Band

Previous Shows:

Jan 16 – Daintiest Thing Under A Bonnet Ball
February 21-23 – Wicked Faire 2014
April 27 – New York Nineteenth Century Extravaganza
May 16-18 – Steampunk World’s Faire
May 31 – Private Wedding


Stay tuned for more, once the website is further reconstructed.

Under Construction

Due to problems with my previous webhost, The Wandering Cellist site has been lost, and is currently under re-construction … please check back soon!!